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Getting established as a pet sitter is one of the hardest parts of the job. But once you have built up a good reputation and a client base you can move your business in the direction you want it to go. How can you keep clients coming back for more?

Prove Yourself Trustworthy

Clients want to hire a pet sitter that their beloved pooch or feline will get along well with. But in addition to that they also need to make sure they find someone whom they can trust implicitly. A trustworthy pet sitter is worth their weight in gold. Skip an appointment or steal from a client and you can instantly kiss goodbye to any further business from that individual.

The moment you are hired by a client to care for their pet (even if it is just a one-off) make every effort to prove that you are a capable, trustworthy person. Secure the client's home, do not snoop around their property and follow any special instructions they have left, just as shutting off certain rooms to the home and returning the key on time. This shows respect and consideration for a client's home and proves that you can be trusted with a key to their home.

Follow Through

Did you tell clients you would take pictures of Fluffy and Fido during your time with them? Or did you agree to give the dog a bath after his walk? Do not make promises that you are unable or unwilling to keep.

Follow through, even with seemingly small details. Clients will appreciate your diligence in following through with their wishes and your promises. They will remember how you did all in your power to provide a quality service first time around, thus increasing the likelihood of hiring you again in future.

Make Yourself Available

Provided everything has gone according to plan on your initial visit you should let clients know that you are available to care for their pets again. Let them know what a delight it was to walk their dog or how well behaved their cat was during your visit.

Not only will your sincere praise be a boost for them, but clients will also see that you were able to get along well with their pets and are willing to carry on.

Pet sitters who hope to skip hire hemel build up a regular client base need to work hard to make sure that their initial contact with clients and their pets is a positive one. Treat each client with respect and as if their business is of value to you. Even some clients who only intended to hire you the once may be willing to return to you again in future, should the need arise.

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